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[Views] Huatai Futures: Red Dates acquisition is close to the end[Views] Everbright Futures: The price of silicon price drops to the cost line of the southwest dry period, the market is expected to enter the stage of rebounding at the bottom

Announcement of Backgammon Commercial Chain Co., Ltd. on the convening of the first creditors meeting

[Views] Huatai Futures: Port inventory has resumed high operating trend, short -term pulp is expected to continue to operate

2023 The Awards Ceremony of the Second Hainan International Designer Contest and the National Designer Conference in Wanning

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[Views] Everbright Futures: The price of Shanghai nickel is obviously supported and the upward drive factors are not obvious, and the price may fluctuate in the current interval

[Views] Everbright Futures: The January contract price of corn is at 2480-2580 yuan / ton price range, and the upper range is subject to moving average suppression

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Save Li Zaiming's life, can't save his political life?

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